Inshore Fiddling
Christina Smith is recognised in North America and Britain as one of the foremost exponents of  traditional Newfoundland fiddling.  In the 1980s she counted Emile Benoit and Rufus Guinchard  as friends and mentors.  She has collected our traditional dance tunes from older musicians in all corners of the province, and uses her considerable musical and pedagogical training to record, transcribe, publish, and teach it to younger generations.  Since 1982 she has worked  with the Suzuki Talent Education Program of St. John’s, and is a sessional instructor at Memorial University School of Music, where she teaches Music 2022, a course in Newfoundland Fiddling.  Her articles on Newfoundland dance tunes and fiddle styles have been published in the Newfoundland Quarterly and the Journal of Newfoundland and Labrador Studies.  

For the past twenty years she has informally shared her materials with music teachers in the community.  To make these resources more widely accessible, she published The Easiest Dance Tunes from Newfoundland and Labrador in 2006. and has just released Vol. 1 of Inshore Fiddling.

Christina tours internationally with the award winning groups Jean Hewson and Christina Smith and  Frank Maher and the Mahers Bahers. She is the founder and director of the STEP Fiddlers, a group of young  musicians aged six to seventeen who have been performing and recording Newfoundland tunes since 1982.  She  holds a Bmus, and Artist Diploma in cello performance from the University of Western Ontario, and the degree of  Suzuki Method Teacher which was conferred on her by Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki in 1991.