Inshore fiddling
My most ardently held desire is that young Newfoundlanders and Labradorians learn our own music. The Method is therefore intended to make it as easy as possible for the school music teacher with little or no experience with stringed instruments to start a fiddling program in school.  Inshore Fiddling is an audio fiddle method - it consists of two CDs, and an accompanying book. The Cds are structured in a step-by-step fashion, using familiar material to introduce new techniques.   All the teacher needs to have is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn along with the students. The Teachers Manual includes a Cd-rom with documents and video clips, advice on instruments, suggestions for practice, charts and handouts.  I am happy to give support to any schoolteacher with a fiddle program in any way I can—just get in touch via email or phone.  I welcome any feedback you can give me on ways to improve the method, and any comments on its strengths or deficiencies.  
I can be contacted at, 
or 576-0359.

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An Audio FIddle Method