Any Mummers Allowed?

Newfoundland mummers, 1994)
A 2-part series about Christmas mummering

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Videos: Mummers & Masks A delightful one-hour documentary that examines the ancient Christmas tradition of mummering.

Christmas Mumming in Newfoundland  
by Herbert Halpert (Editor), G.M. Story (Editor)

A Public Nuisance
A history of the Newfoundland Mummers Troupe theatre company 


History of Christmas traditions

Quick overview about mummers

Traditional Drama Research Group (U of Sheffield)

Newfoundland mummers:

Mummering and Performing Arts in Newfoundland

Behind a Winter Door: it's serious business when the mummers come a-knocking
(Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada,  Autumn, 2002  by Gordon Jones)

(A north american perspective by Gerald L. Pocius)

The Mummers Song (by Simani)

Irish mummers

The Green & Giold Wren, Dingle, Ireland

Irish Folk Drama:

The Dingle wren-boys

Aughakillymaude Community Mummers

American Mummers

Quaker City String Band mummers club, Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mummers Parade

Philadelphia mummers parade - history

Quaker City String Band

Shooting Stars Mummers Club

El Toro Venado, Masaya, Nicaragua, 1983

A 2-hour radio documentary
about the tradition of Christmas mummering.

by Chris Brookes

Long before Santa, Bing Crosby and the Mattel Toy Company stole the occasion, the Winter Solstice was celebrated with seasonal rituals like this. Although mummers still appear annually in parts of Newfoundland, England and Ireland, this great-grand-daddy of Halloween masquerade died out in most of North America long ago. The best way to get the lowdown on mummers is to tag along with them, and in this series we do just that -- on both sides of the Atlantic

SE Bight mummer || St. John's mummer

In the series you hear the voices of
Folklorists Phillip Hiscock and Peter Kennedy, drama critic Gordon Jones, anthropologist Lynn Lunde.
Newfoundland mummers John & Rita Chidley, Bev Kane, Fabian O'Keeefe and Mike Rossiter. Irish mummers Brian Gallagher, Jim Ledwith, Wrenboys Muiris Rohan, Patrick Begley. English hobbyhorsers Neil & Jean Miller. American mummers Bill MacIntyre and Palma Lucas.

Special thanks to Peter Blow, Lindum Films and Battery Included for permission to use some sound and interviews recorded for the film Mummers and Masks

Listen to the programs:

Hour One: Mummers at Home Mummers past and present in Newfoundland

Hour Two: Mummers Abroad The tradition in Ireland, England and Philadelphia

Mummers at Paul & Velma Turner's, St.John's (photo P Turner)

Mummer and hobbyhorse, St. John's (photo P Turner

Aughakillymaude mummers, County Fermannagh, Ireland

Wrenboys, Dingle, Ireland