Running the Goat

A dance in 8 figures:
On July 2, 1992 the once-gigantic Newfoundland cod fishery was shut down. Twelve years later, 70,000 people had left the province, and coastal communities were struggling to survive. The effect on the culture has been dramatic too, but how do you measure cultural change? Perhaps with a centuries-old Nfld “set dance”.

Produced by Chris Brookes

First broadcast by Radio Netherlands April 24, 2005

Third Coast Festival 2005
Grand Prix Marulic 2006
"an entertaining, multi-layered.. vivid, well-paced and perfectly mixed documentary that subliminally discusses the loss of tradition and its hope for survival" (Prix Marulic jury)

(Spoiler Alert:) If you want to see the dance with your eyes instead of your ears: