Running the Goat (2006 (mp3) Thirteen years ago last July the once-gigantic Newfoundland cod fishery was shut down. The effect on the economy has been dramatic. 70,000 people have left the province, and coastal communities struggle to survive. The effect on the culture has been dramatic too, but its harder to measure with the yardstick of statistics. So how do you measure cultural change? Perhaps with a centuries-old Nfld “set dance” known as Running the Goat.

The Marconi Centenary (2001): On December 12th, 1901 Marconi received the world's first trans-Atlantic wireless signal on the cliff just above our studio. Or did he? Check this site for sound, timeline and arcane details.

About Oscar (1995) episode 1 (52 mins) of the award-winning 7-hour series about the life & music of Oscar Peterson (as broadcast on CBC Radio)
About Oscar (1995) episode 2 (52 mins)

The Wire (episode 2) (2005 - mp3) What has electricity done to music? Hear the Prix Italia-winning episode of this internationally-broadcast series. Check the series website for details.

The Man Who Sang Goodbye (2004) (RealAudio)
The CAJ award-winning musical detective story about the late Omar Blondahl. Once a star of radio, tv, and records 40 years ago, he suddenly disappeared. What happened?

Flight of Fancy (2005) mp3, 53 minutes
The incredible annual 4000-mile journey of the Monarch butterfly has captured the imagination of poets, scientists and schoolchildren alike, but it is threatened by environmental destruction in Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Not Fit For It (2004)
How Newfoundland became the only nation to voluntarily abandon democracy. Atlantic Journalism Award winning series. Program and bonus clips.

A decade after Ottawa squandered the world's greatest fish resource and closed the Newfoundland cod fishery, what more can be said?
We notice it Sounds Fishy (2002) mp3

Songs My Mother Taught Me (1997) (In RealAudio)
This multiple award-winning documentary novel has been broadcast around the world.

One of These Days (1999) (mp3)
A story about a play, a life, and multiple sclerosis.

The Viking Millennium (2000) 3 part series (RealAudio excerpts)
International Radio Festival of New York Silver Medal

Survivor (2000) (RealAudio excerpts). International Radio Festival of New York finalist.
Heard in Canada, USA and The Netherlands

The Spanish Room (RealAudio and MP3)
The only flamenco dance troupe in town. Atlantic Journalism Award

Cholera Diary (RealAudio 20 minutes)
On the front lines with a volunteer with Medecins Sans Fronteires Gracie Award 2000

The Radio Rolled Me (1991) (RealAudio excerpt 8.00)
A comprehensive 4-part series analysing the state of Canadian radio, private, public, community and campus. A whimsical look at how it is, why it is, and should it be?
International Radio Festival of New York Silver Medal

Power of the Unemployed (1997) (MP3 excerpt 7.08)
Forgotten police files reveal a suppressed history of 1930’s unrest. International Radio Festival of New York Gold Medal winner, and Canadian Association of Journalists award for Best Radio Program of the Year. Heard in Canada and USA

The Black Bear Man (1996) (MP3 excerpt 5.26)
A wildlife biologist explores spirituality through landscape. Winner of the 1996 Gabriel Award, this literary feature has been broadcast in Canada and Australia.

Lost on Friday (1995) (MP3 excerpt 7.21)
A "live documentary"/soundscape exploring afternoon ennui with 28 stereo microphones placed in downtown St. John’s, mixed live to air. An outdoor revival meeting, a record store, a private apartment, a theatre rehearsal, pub arguments, laundromat, barber shop, bookstore, pool hall, corner store, garage, rain, Heidigger, a haircut and a wandering photographer wired for mobile sound. International Radio Festival of New York Gold Medal.

The Lifetime Struggle (1995) (entire documentary 29.00 in RealAudio)
In 1992 the Northern cod stock collapsed and Canada's federal government announced a moratorium on cod fishing. 30,000 Newfoundland fishermen and plant workers were suddenly thrown out of work, the largest industrial layoff in Canadian history. Although fishermen were no longer allowed to fish, the Newfoundland Fisheries Loan Board still demanded regular payment on boat loans. If a fisherman defaulted on payments, the Board siezed his/her boat and sold it at auction. This is the story of one such boat named "The Lifetime Struggle



Golden Oldies:
Blasts from our Past

Our archivist (pictured here at work) has dug up these bones of past glories buried in our radio root cellar.

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